NEW: Easy-Slide Kids

On the 1st of November 2015 Team TSS is introducing the latest innovation within its Slide Solution range: the "Easy-Slide Kids'.
This is an application tool for putting on compression stockings for leg and/or arm specifically for small children aged 0-6 years.


Child friendly 

ES Kids Nina TSS15 051

The donning of compression stockings is for both little patients and healthcare providers or parents a daily recurring and often painful operation. The Easy-Slide Kids is specifically designed for children to facilitate donning of compression stockings for arm and leg.

Unfortunately, it is still common that small children are frequent victims of a hot liquid combustion, resulting in severe burns to leg or arm. Excessive scar formation is an annoying complication of such burns. Wearing pressure garments inhibit scarring. Pressure clothing inhibits the further development of the scar and causes the scar comes to rest earlier. Children are only allowed to wear pressure garments if the skin is sufficiently strong as to attract them because it can damage the fragile skin.

To make the donning of compression stockings to be as easy as possible, the Easy-Slide Kids is made of very smooth material. This means that the product not only provides a significant reduction in friction between the sleeve and the vulnerable skin, but it's also very easy to use. Therefore putting on the stocking costs little power and is less stressful for the young patient.


From idea to product

The Easy-Slide Kids was developed in collaboration with the German company Triconmed. This company is a leading manufacturer of special tailor-made compression garments in the field of therapeutic and orthopaedic rehabilitation therapy for children and adults.

The shape and colour of the product have a resemblance to a crocodile. Arion has therefore developed as a cartoon character crocodile and the children's friend: Nina. Nina is partly reflected in a small comic strip that explains to young patients that they can attract the compression stocking easier.

The product will be on stock early November and available in two sizes:

Article number Size Age indication Length of inner side
E01700 Extra Small 0-3 years 29,5 cm
E01701 Small 3-6 years 39,5cm

Marketing materials

For this product we have created a nice product sheet and it will of course also be included in the Slide Solution product matrix and brochure.


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