The purpose: the corporate site contains comprehensive information about the company itself, about the scope of its activities, products, and services offered.

An important element will be design (see Swash-shop as reference). It should match our company’s style and instill confidence among the customers, the partners, and other stakeholders.

More specifically, it should primarily support:

  • building corporate image;
  • strengthen company’s reputation among a group of stakeholder
  • building clear and efficient communication for customers and partners.
  • building the niche expert image through effective calls-to-action like downloading detailed documents about products like product sheet, protocols or case studies.

Secondary goals are:

  • bolster employee recruiting efforts through employer branding;
  • facilitating on line selling (on line shop);

Target group: the website should be adequate for a wide target group

  • Important stakeholders in healthcare (nurses, patients, infection specialists, dermatologists, purchasers etc.)
  • (potential) Customers
  • (potential) Employees
  • (potential) Distributors
  • Governmental stakeholders
  • Other partners (e.g. Made Blue)
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