Many people need assistance in their daily bathing.  Traditionally, caregivers would wash a bedridden care recipient using a wash basin, water, soap, and towels.  This method involves a great deal of time, effort, and stress for both the caretaker and the care recipient.

The Problem

The daily bathing of bedridden care recipients is an established practice.  As various studies have shown, water plays a prominent role in transferring pathogens from one care recipient to another.  Lack of hygiene and cross-contamination is a problem with wash basins.  It's been said that wash basins are a reservoir for bacteria.  Proper skin condition is often an issue for care recipients.  Research shows that the use of soap dries out the skin and affects the skin's barrier function.   Soap is often not completely rinsed off during traditional washing and can cause irritation as well as be a breeding ground for microorganisms. 

The Solution

This Swash concept offers a hygienic, quick, and comfortable body wash solution. Swash uses a system of washcloths or wipes soaked in a special washing lotion which cleanses and protects the skin.  A packet of Swash consists of 8 wash gloves or wipes, sufficient for one complete body wash. Each part of the body is washed with a clean wash glove or wipe, then discarded with no need to rinse nor dry the skin.  This means that instead of having 4 steps involved in a body wash, with Swash there is only one step involved.  Swash contains nourishing components which care for the skin, is pH skin neutral, free of soap, latex, alcohol, and coloring agents.  A swash packet can be heated in a microwave for more comfort, adding to the overall experience of being bathed.

It is exponentially more hygienic, beneficial to the skin, significantly more comfortable for the care recipient and the caretaker, and saves valuable time and material costs (washbasins, soap, washcloths, towels, lotion, laundry costs, and water costs).





















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