June 17th, 2015                                           

Arion Iberia Takes a Stand

Arion Iberia participated in this year’s 57th annual SEGG (Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología) congress in San Sebastián, Spain. SEGG is an organization that specializes in elderly care with a focus on the aging population.

Arion Iberia was able to engage with many visitors from various backgrounds within the industry, but the majority were physicians and nurses. The general reception of those who had not heard of Swash was exceedingly positive. Not only was everyone impressed with the increase in hygiene, but also with time/labor reduction and increased comfort for the patient. 

The “pen test” was conducted as a fun, hands-on demonstration to show how effective Swash is on washing. The “pen test” consists of marking one’s hands with the ink of a pen and subsequently using a Swash wipes to wash it off.  With just a few light rubs it came off. People were so taken by this demonstration that some were convinced it consisted of some type of crafty trickery such as using a pen with washable ink, so some insisted on using their own pen. 

Click on the link below to visit SEGG’s website.


Below are a few more photos that were taken at the event.


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