January 8th, 2015                                           

Scientific Publication on Donning Devices

          The European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery has published the a study in its February 2015 edition examining the benefits of donning devices. “This is the first study to examine the ability of “real” elderly patients with CVI to don compression stockings and the first study to demonstrate the benefits of donning devices.” The general conclusion is that “Donning devices significantly improve the ability of elderly patients with chronic venous insufficiency to don compression stockings successfully. Obviously, there are differences in user-friendliness among the devices.”

          This will certainly help to create again more awareness for the use of application aids for putting on and taking off compression stockings. More important for Arion: two products were part of this study: Easy-Slide and Easy-Slide Caran (for those who don’t know this is the predecessor of the Magnide). Both products are seen as “particularly effective” for donning stockings and also at the subjective evaluation by the patients the Arion products showed a very good performance. As we all know the Magnide is a very successful and an even better product than the Easy-Slide Caran in terms of user experience and performance. Also the Sim-Slide is the natural successor of the Easy-Slide.

Click here to download pdf version of the study.


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