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Freshen up in a jiffy! Feeling clean and fresh throughout the day is a necessity for everyone. With Swash® Refreshing Wipes it is possible to wash the hands, face and other body parts at any point of day. They are soft, moist wipes especially developed for in-between hygiene care. The use of Swash® Refreshing Wipes supports hand hygiene regimens and helps prevent or contain outbreaks in residences and nursing homes. The wipes are suitable for every skin type and offer a mild cleaning at any moment.


Characteristics of the Swash® in-between care products:

Effective against spreading Norovirus

Free from formaldehyde releasers


Hypoallergenic lotion, available with or without perfume

Contains nourishing ingredients i.e.
Vitamin E and Glycerin

pH skin-neutral

Products can be
warmed up

Made in Holland using
a fully automated
production process

Production in a clean
room environment guarantees high
product quality


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