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Swash Cleansing Wipes

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Moist wipes for an optimal skin cleansing
Swash Cleansing Wipes are moistened wipes especially designed for a mild cleansing after an incontinence episode. The wipes are ideal for a first gentle, but thorough cleaning of the intimate zone before using Swash® Perineum or Swash® Perineum +. The lotion contains the soothing ingredient Jojoba, which keeps the skin soft and hydrated. The extra-large size of the cloth makes it perfectly suitable for the purpose.


Characteristics of the Swash® incontinence products:

Protective barrier with 3% Dimethicone

100% fragrance-free with neutral smell Dermatologically tested

pH skin-neutral and hypoallergenic lotion

Products can be
warmed up

Contains caring ingredients such as Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerine

Clean Room production guarantees high quality product

Free from

Made in Holland using
a fully automated
production process

Trixotric®: Enhanced formula exclusive to Swash® Perineum+ helps the skin to restore


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