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Arion Slide Solutions offers a wide range of donning, doffing, and positioning aids designed to make life easier for both patients and their caregivers. Their particularity is the specific material they are made of: the fabric used is treated with a special coating that gives the products high sliding properties. Additionally, Arion application aids have a double layer design that offers a smooth transition between patients’ skin and their compression garments or prosthetics.

Our mission: To make your life easier – every day and in every situation

How to help medical compression wearers and their caregivers solve the daily struggle of putting on compression stockings? How to help patients become more independent?

It became the ambition of Arion’s CEO Erik Joosten to find solutions to face those challenges raised by compression therapy. He wanted to give compression wearers freedom and dignity back while bringing a smile onto their faces.
That’s why Arion developed the first textile donning aid for medical compression stockings in 1994. It resulted in a solution and a patented product, “Easy-Slide”, which is convenient, easy to use, and makes compression therapy easier every day – whatever the wearer’s condition is, which compression garments they use, and no matter if he or she is assisted by a caregiver or not.

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Donning and doffing aids for compression garments

Compression therapy made easier!
Discover the wide range of application aids from Arion Slide Solutions designed for both compression wearers and their caregivers.These are real everyday helpers for compression wearers and their caregivers. Our categories:

• Leg compression
• Arm and hand compression
• Children‘s compression

Donning aid for prosthetics

Use Proth-Pro to facilitate the donning process of a transfemoral prostheses featuring a valve hole.

Patient positioning aids for the health care sector

Trans-Slide® and Trans-Slide® TriClean® enable a safe and easy repositioning of patients within the bed. The Little Supporter is a compact device helping for bandaging arms and legs.

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