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Our Mission

"With our products we strive to make the lives of current and future generations of care recipients and caregivers easier, more convenient and more comfortable."

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Socially Responsible

Market Driven




We are market leader

In its hometown of the Netherlands, Arion has quickly set its own mark as market leader.  Now it has its sights set for the rest of Europe.  With the end consumer in mind and its high-quality driven dynamic methodology, it's only a matter of time before Arion becomes market leader in all of Europe. 


Best growing company

Since its inception, Arion has done nothing but grow.  With 20 years of experience nearly 4 years with its own production facility Arion has an intense focus on its products.  It is constantly setting its own mark in terms of innovation, quality, and service with the end customer in mind.


New TSS Product: SlideX Extra Large

New TSS Product: SlideX Extra Large! For people who wear compression stockings to counteract extreme symptoms of lymphedema and lipedema like Elephantiasis - extreme swelling in the arms or legs - we specifically have developed the SlideX Extra Large. The main...

New: TSS Gloves Extra large

New: TSS Gloves Extra Large! Because of many customer requests we have extended our range of TSS Gloves with a new size: Extra Large in the colour black. The article number is E08040 and the list price is equal to the...

Arion opens new office in Sweden!

Arion opens new office in Sweden!  Arion has further strengthened its presence in the Nordics by opening an office in Malmö, Sweden. From this office, Arion will support the Swedish customers as well increase the impact of the Swash® concept in...

Arion launches entrepreneurs platform NLGroeit in cooperation with Que…

Arion launches entrepreneurs platform NLGroeit in cooperation with Queen Máxima   At the  Van Nelle factory, located in Rotterdam, the introduction of the entrepreneurs platform NLGroeit took place last Wednesday. Queen Máxima gave the official signal to launch the platform. Erik Joosten...

Happy Holidays!

As the year ends, we gratefully pause and turn to those who have made our progress possible. In this spirit Arion would like to say..

Arion makes clean drinking water ...

Arion makes clean drinking water available through partnership with MadeBlue. Arion fulfills its CSR objective by working together with Made Blue: “one liter for a liter”. Made Blue invests in drinking water projects at places where access to clean drinking water...

Arion takes 65th position at the MKB Innovation Top 100

October 6th 2015                                              Arion ends up on the 65th position of the most innovative Dutch SME's! On October 1 the most innovative Dutch SME in the Netherlands has been announced. Arion took the...

Looking Through the Eyes of a Care Recipient

September 23rd, 2015                                     www.arion-group.com by Mike Collado                   In an attempt to capture what it must truly be like to be in someone...

What it Means to be a Nurse

August 18th, 2015                                            What it Means to be a Nurse                  www.arion-group.com by Mike Collado            A colleague of mine was a nurse for quite some time. He enjoyed the profession very much but was forced to leave the industry due to...

The Power of Listening

August 6th 2015                                              The Power of Listening                                    www.arion-group.com Mike Collado                  As care providers, industry professionals, or even parents, listening is one of the most important activities that one can engage in.I have...

Walking for a Cause

June 23rd, 2015                                                    Walking for a Cause Arion walked for 24 hours and collected €1.330 for cancer research. Last weekend, Arion participated in the “SamenLoop voor Hoop” (walk together for hope) event in Sittard-Geleen with a group of 24 employees and family members...

Arion Iberia Takes a Stand

June 17th, 2015                                            Arion Iberia Takes a Stand Arion Iberia participated in this year’s 57th annual SEGG (Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología) congress in San Sebastián, Spain. SEGG is an organization that specializes in elderly care with a...

People of "rolstoelmeerdaagse" in Deurne thank Arion

May 27th, 2015                                    People of "rolstoelmeerdaagse" in Deurne thank Arion            The participants of the wheelchair trip stayed in a large school which they transformed into a "hotel". Some participants who cannot take a shower need help with washing themselves from...

Back to basics: Hand hygiene more important now than ever

May 1st, 2015                                                Back to basics: Hand hygiene more important nowthan ever May 5th is the official day of the World Health Organization’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign. Before you shake someone’s hand, you may want to think twice. Are you sure...

Prime Minister Rutte Praises Arion for its Innovation and Courage

April 8th, 2015                                                Official Press release Governor and Prime Minister sign Declaration of Optimism Wednesday, April 8th – We are proud to announce that today Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Holland, took the time to visit Arion's headquarters in Geleen, the Netherlands in a casual...

Scientific Publication on Donning Devices

January 8th, 2015                                            Scientific Publication on Donning Devices           The European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery has published the a study in its February 2015 edition examining the benefits of donning devices. “This is the first study to examine...

Arion to build Swash-factory on Avantis

July 10th 2014                                                 Arion to build Swash-factory on Avantis Avantis.org Limburg fast growing healthcare innovation company to build new Swash-factory on Dutch-German business park. Healthcare innovation company Arion is the third company that chooses the cross-border location on Avantis. Arion developed the washing-without-water...

Why Parabens Should be Avoided

May 10th, 2012                                                Human Hormones Are Being Eclipsed By Synthetic Chemicals Sayer Ji GreenMedInfo.com               A new study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology has raised some disturbing possibilities regarding the dangers of common hormone-mimicking preservatives found in thousands of consumer products...


Arion is an innovative company that operates in the international healthcare market.

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